This Sonoma county police blotter is priceless.

A resident…was walking his dog when a neighbor sprayed them with a hose for no apparent reason.

A resident…reported that the gas cap had been removed from his truck…later he said he found the gas cap.

A resident…reported that three juveniles had kicked some wooden panels on a yard fence.

A resident…called to say she was receiving annoying calls and texts from a relative.


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  1. LOL. I was reading the Calistoga police blotter and it’s quite similar. One of the posts said 911 was called because a rattlesnake was seen eating a gopher. Police dispatched and indeed it was eating the animal. No arrests made.

  2. And the other one that was hysterical … Police called with reported graffiti artist hitting city hall. Police arrive and confirmed it was a maintenance man doing routine painting.

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