Bridgy traffic bump

A few weeks ago, Bridgy‘s traffic suddenly shot up to 20-50x its baseline, from 5-10 human visitors per day to 200-300. Humans in browsers, not bots or other requests; this ain’t Google Analytics’s first rodeo. They’re all generally coming to the site directly, not from search. If they’re coming from links or social networks, we can’t tell, due to HTTPS etc.

Our best guess so far, based on the timing, is that the influx is Google+ refugees who found Bridgy via either spreadsheets like these or evangelism by Greg McVerry and others.

Regardless, whoever you are, welcome! The traffic is still tiny compared to all the work Bridgy does on its own for backfeed, behind the scenes, so scaling isn’t an issue. It’s ready and willing to take in any and all new users!


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