Unpopular opinion: working from home is kind of awful.

I know, I know: the benefits of remote work and distributed teams, my privilege of being able to at all, I’m probably just doing it wrong, etc. Still. A month in, and it’s not working great, either for me or my friends or colleagues. Can’t wait to be back in the office.


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  1. I can’t wait to go back into the office. I think the chorus of β€œwe will move to remote only!” is true, but unfortunate. Will follow open office proliferation, which is also awful, and popular.

  2. Well, remote work doesn’t always equal work from home (normally). There was a long period of time when I worked out of my private office at a cowork space. I don’t think it needs to be a home vs. everyone-in-one-company-in-one-location dichotomy.

    But I hear ya. It can get tough!

  3. working from home isn’t going very well for people who do it all the time. just a terrible time for everybody imo

  4. kind of everything? implicitly depended on in person so much for misc minor communication, taking the team’s pulse and morale, reading the room in meetings, etc. not easy to build up entirely new muscles to do all that online and more explicitly.

  5. I’d never go back to a company that frowns on WFH. I did it (went to an office) for 15 months between jobs where I could work from home. Never again. Granted, I’m going stir crazy these days not being able to go anywhere local or travel, but still much prefer the WFH lifestyle.

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