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  1. Around 1980 the US health care spending began to increase dramatically simultaneously life expectancy began to lag the industrialized world.

  2. Wenn du ein neues, teures Medikament herausbringst, ist manchmal +/- die Hälfte der globalen Umsätze in den USA (bei 330m EW), da nicht überall verfügbar (“access”) und bei z.T. x-fachen Preisen verglichen zu Europa (das auch nicht billig ist)💊💸

  3. A case where flattening the curve (or bending the stalk perhaps) is presumably quite a bad thing.

    Strange to think USA was roughly in the other-country mix 50 yrs ago, now *exceptional.

  4. Is healthcare for the health of the citizens or for maximum profit? There is a healthy middle ground, it simply requires ethics our country isn’t able to enact.

  5. Not really, only for a brief period of time did it not have the highest spend per capita (when it was second in the early 70s)?

    Having said that this seems like a strong case for PPP analysis.

  6. This chart looks to be a bit old, but if the UK were a US state, you’d be in the mix as well. 😉 More likely privatized healthcare. The chart starts changing shape when Reagan came to be. Could probably overlay health and drug industry profits over this to see the correlation. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  7. How dare you insinuate that it’s as easy as not being a fat slob. What, you expect us to take personal responsibility for our healthcare? Exercise? Push away from the table?

  8. One way Israel is gaming this metric is fucking over medical professionals at the start of their careers with low pay, horribly long shifts (26hours) and other issues.
    In a free economy, Israel would be way more to the right.

  9. For profit health system reduces life expectancy in the US. Americans don’t even get their money’s worth from our predatory insurers and providers.

  10. One could.
    And more than one has.
    Lots more.

    And they’re seldom flattering.
    At some point, we should ditch “exceptionalism” & develop the humility to take some lessons from those doing better than us.

  11. Yes, the US healthcare system subsidizes drug and healthcare development for the rest of the world. How are people still just realizing this?

  12. I bet USA life expectancy variance is quite a bit bigger than in the developed world, also. It would be interesting to see the lower 50% of USA charted as well.

  13. Yes, our healthcare system needs reform (not government control) but when was the last time we heard a major medical breakthrough come out of any of these other countries?

  14. I knew that was coming 😀. Okay, one BIG exception but with Pfizer. But never government-run. I deal with government departments every other day and I can write more than a book on why we don’t want government-run healthcare.

  15. Could someone mark the democratic presidencies in this one? Probably with a bit of a lag for measures to make a difference. Thank you

  16. Worth noting that country comparisons that use per capital GDP makes the huge, bloated healthcare sector of the US look like a source of PROSPERITY.

  17. Seen as a US shame, but there is a lot more than meets a short eye-glance.

    Look at Spain, Italy, Korea, Israel.

    Just like energy and GDP correlate very poorly once a threshold is reached, health expenditure and health show if anything negative correlation.

    On your bike please.

  18. German healthcare isn’t government run. Even the “public” health insurance is administered by private companies that compete with each other.

  19. Well, coming from Denmark, I can tell you that our major export item is medicine. Danish companies has patents on much of the insuline that diabetes-2 patients in the US depends on.

  20. How do you make insurances and pharmaceutical companies stop ripping you off without involving governments in a way or another?

  21. “In three of the four general categories of innovation examined in this paper — basic science, diagnostics, and therapeutics — the United States has contributed more than any other country, and in some cases, more than all other countries combined.”

  22. Medical breakthroughs can come from from anywhere but they occur and recur more frequently in places where there are systems and expertise and above all, incentives to make them happen.

  23. Graphique simpliste.
    Là où on guérit le mieux tous les cancers et même là où ils sont le mieux dépistés au monde, ça reste les USA. Les études de l’OCDE le rappellent annuellement. La mortalité évitable est surtout expliquée par le mode de vie.



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