I drink coffee throughout the morning, including before and after brushing my teeth, which makes the coffee taste flat and sweet and nutty, not horrible but definitely not right. I always hated that.

It occurred to me recently that I could just brush without toothpaste. It works! Coffee tastes pretty much normal afterward, and supposedly something like 90% of cleaning comes from the brushing, not the toothpaste.

Odd life hack, but I’ll take it.


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  1. if you rinse with warm water, it makes the toothpaste taste dissipate faster. but I learned that you’re actually not supposed to rinse after using toothpaste so the fluoride gets more time on your teeth

  2. One of the things I learned from a post OSMF board meeting chat is how you (apparently) can’t get a hang over from tequila.

    Personal experiments have… mixed results

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