Took the 7 year old to Disneyland for the first time. Plenty of new stuff since I was there last, almost 20 years ago, but I love how much of the original park is largely unchanged. Main Street, Castle, Small World, New Orleans Square, Tiki Room! Still a magical place, especially seeing it through a kid’s eyes for the first time.

The app and Genie and Lightning Lanes were…mixed. To Disney’s credit, we spent far less time in lines overall, for both rides and food. If their goal was spreading people out and maximizing throughput, I’m sure it’s working.

We definitely spent more time on our phones, though, working through logistics instead of being present in the moment and enjoying the atmosphere. Disappointing, but probably worth it, and the whole group benefited.

Oh, and the huge candy store on Main Street is as amazing as ever. Some things never get old.


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