So Mastodon 4 went js;dr, which means it requires JavaScript to render content. That means that server-side fetches of Mastodon 4 user profiles and posts, eg indieweb.social/@snarfed, no longer return the actual contents in the response. They definitely no longer include microformats. 😐

JavaScript and SPAs are their own conversation, but regardless, this is a step backward for the open web and server-to-server communications like the IndieWeb uses. Fortunately, there’s a workaround: use granary! Plug any Mastodon 4 profile or post URL into granary’s ActivityStreams 2 converter and you’ll get the full contents in HTML, Atom, RSS, or any other format you want. Works via REST API and pip-installable Python package. Here’s an example. You can even get a user’s feed from their ActivityPub outbox URL, eg for @alice@mas.to, plug `https://mas.to/users/alice/outbox%3Fpage%3Dtrue` into granary.

Happy hacking!


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  1. @snarfed.org As a web developer of over two decades now, I die a little each time another site or app goes client-side JS-only. I say that having written thousands of lines of client-side JS, but with progressive enhancement at their core. In an age where robust frameworks like Hotwire Turbo and similar exist, there really isn’t an excuse.

  2. IMO the web has plenty of room for both applications and documents. Applications can be applications, and they can certainly include documents. I’m not objecting to the overall web application UI.But a document should be reachable as a document.


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