Hey decentralized social people, can I ask a favor? Here’s a rough draft of how I’m thinking about translating/bridging across multiple protocols and identities (via federation, ie not syndication/cross posting). Could you take a look when you get a chance and see which parts look reasonable and which are totally off base? Feel free to comment here or on the PR, whichever’s easier.

Hugely appreciated, thanks in advance!


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  2. Don’t assume webfinger identities for ActivityPub. Just because they are a requirement for Mastodon does not make them a requirement. ActivityPub insists on URLs internally.The next thing you need to do is figure out whether you want to support nomadic identity or not. If you do, you’ll need to be able to resolve nomadic identifiers. At the present time, this rules out ActivityPub except possibly with magnet: urls or a very small subset of DID types. If you don’t, it probably rules out ATProto. Then you’ll run into a number of issues with relaying third-party content (which requires native signatures for every protocol) and ghosts in conversations; which makes the end result a botch job in the best of circumstances. Wishing you luck. Been there, done that — in fact spent well over a decade working on it with no help from anybody and encountering nothing but roadblocks from protocol and other project developers; and decided to get my life back.

  3. Made a big revision to this to use per-protocol subdomains on brid.gy as a way to disambiguate accounts with the same domain on multiple protocols. Feedback still welcome!


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