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  1. I’ve been reading about the reaction on GitHub to your attempt to connect the AT Protocol and ActivityPub. Dude, I am so sorry. People are insane.

  2. Ahoy there! Congratulations on announcing! I know the reaction you got maybe caught you by surprise — I’ve seen similar reactions in the past to both bridging and scraping efforts so I’m not fully surprised, but I do hope that this will resolve in the right direction after a period of discussion / increased understanding in the Fediverse.

    At Social.coop we have a Loomio thread about this, it’s proving interesting. Please don’t lose hope :)

  3. Hey Flancian, thank you for the kind words! I’ve always admired what you’ve done with anagora.org. Yeah I kind of expected some blowback, but definitely not to this degree. Tough few days, but you’re right, ultimately I think it’s helping figure out the right path. Fingers crossed!

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