Hi all! Well, I didn’t plan it, but word got out anyway: Bridgy Fed‘s Bluesky <=> fediverse support went online a couple weeks ago, quietly and without announcement, but people still found it. Over 1200 accounts have turned it on so far and bridged themselves one direction or the other. It’s great to see so much early interest!

(For anyone unfamiliar with Bridgy Fed, here’s an introduction.)

It’s still very early, and I wasn’t quite prepared for this much volume this quickly. Expect lots of bugs, missing features, downtime, and other rough edges. The docs are mostly up to date, at least. If you hit a problem, search the open issues, and if you don’t see it there, feel free to file it.

Also, much of the current state is not final. Expect some design and policy choices to change. For example, right now you have to manually enable the bridge, but that may change eventually, at least for Bluesky accounts bridging into the fediverse.

Otherwise, there’s a ton to do, and I’m only one person, doing this on the side, so progress will be slow. They say if you don’t feel uncomfortable when you ship, you probably waited too long, so let me just say that I feel very uncomfortable right now, hopefully in a good way. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks again for all the interest, and for your patience!


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  1. @snarfed.org thank you so much Ryan. It works very well, for the most part.

    Again, sorry I kinda got excited early, hope that doesn’t mess anything up in the short term.

    All in all, this is a great move for the platform and I’m excited to see where this project goes and what kinda things you can do to make it more “seamless” in the future!๐Ÿ˜

  2. @snarfed.org Good stuff!

    What’s the approximate backlog time on bridging BlueSky accounts over to Fedi? I know of at least one account that followed the appropriate BridgyFed account on BSky and still hasn’t linked up after 12hrs or so..

  3. Seems to work nicely, even though it’s not quite a finished product.

    Great job so far! :)

  4. @snarfed.org I don’t know if this information is helpful to you, but since I set up the bridge a few days ago, it seems that only original posts are being bridged, but not replies, nor boosts. It seems very general, so I don’t know if it’s worth filing this as a bug on Github. Would you prefer that?

  5. @snarfed.org Oh I noticed another thing. It seems accounts on the fediverse that opted in five days or longer ago, does not get bridged to bluesky since the last three/four days. Something happened there.

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