Phew! It’s been quite a few days, Bridgy Fed is up to almost 2500 bridged accounts total. Thanks again for all of your interest! I’ve been in a constant state of whiplash, back and forth between hearing “this is so cool!” and “it’s broken in these 10 different ways.”

I love that you all are enjoying it! And it absolutely is broken in all of those ways, and more. I’m sorry. I’d planned on a bit more time to iron out bugs first, but c’est la vie. Testing in production! ๐Ÿคท

I’m seeing most of the problems break down into four broad buckets, which I’m tackling in this order:

I’ll continue to post updates here now and then. You can also follow the now label on Bridgy Fed’s GitHub issues to see what I’m focusing on at any given moment. Thanks again for all of the interest, and for your patience. It’ll get better, one step at a time.


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  1. @snarfed.org You’re doing great work Ryan. Glad to see a list of known issues and hear that you’re optimistic about fixing them!

    You’re doing great work so we don’t all have to feel so fragmented all over the place and that’s admirable. Thank you.

  2. After reading your blog about Bridgy Fed a couple weeks ago I’m amazed it’s even kinda-sorta working already! You shouldn’t feel any pressure to rush it. Appreciate the mountain of effort and looking forward to the bridge becoming sturdier over time ๐ŸŒ‰

  3. the bridge is magic! thanks so much for getting it to “make it work” at all, a huge push.

    definitely want to chat at length some day and get feedback on the atproto side and how proto/docs/libs/everything could be better+easier

  4. definitely! I’ve been developing for ATProto for well over a year at this point, I may be too immersed and seeing the matrix to know what’s missing in docs any more ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. @snarfed.org this is so cool! Thanks for all your work to make it work. I can’t seem to find @bsky.brid.gy@bsky.brid.gy when I search from my instance though, is that something that needs fixing on my side? I’m using Mastodon, if it helps.

  6. Nah, thank YOU!
    After that big kerfuffle, you couldโ€™ve been like โ€œwell forget yโ€™all if you donโ€™t want this FREE thing I was about to do to help people out and causing me grief over itโ€, but you didnโ€™t. Instead, you kept a cooler head and made overtures to concerned parties

  7. thanks! I’ve turned on since for getRepo, it returns entire repos right now but I’ll actually implement it eventually.

    still not seeing new records in those repos show up visibly in bsky.app, so I suspect I’m corrupting my repos. any chance you all have a repo validator handy? cc @why.bsky.team

  8. Thanks so much for making this happen, I know itโ€™s not easy. Itโ€™s important that we get the bigger network effect of all the open networks being interoperable if weโ€™re going to keep the future of social media on open protocols.

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