Beware of Bad Mojo: Redux from Got Game Entertainment

Executive summary: beware of Got Game Entertainment‘s downloadable games. Bad Mojo: Redux‘s DRM locked me out, despite the fact that I bought it legitimately. Their tech support was slow and couldn’t fix the problem, so I eventually fixed it myself. To their credit, they offered me a refund and a couple free games, but still…

I love old-school, point-and-click, Kings Quest style adventure games. Sadly, they’re not mainstream any more, but there are a few smaller, less established publishers that still specialize in them. Got Game Entertainment is one of them.

Got Game has a wide selection of adventure games for the PC, Mac, and PSP. What’s better, they sell many of them online as direct downloads, including Bad Mojo: Redux, which I’d been looking for for a while. As soon as I saw it, I plunked down my prepaid credit card, downloaded it, fired it up, and played it happily for an hour or so.

When I came back a couple days later, it complained “Bad Mojo CD not present in drive C” and refused to start. I searched Google and found other people with the same problem, but no solution.

I emailed Got Game’s tech support, and over a week and a couple follow-up emails later, they finally responded. They asked a few basic questions, over the course of a couple more weeks, and finally told me that they didn’t know what the problem was! Disappointed, I asked for a refund, since I couldn’t play the game. They finally agreed, but it took them a while.

I don’t like bad-mouthing Got Game publicly. I’d much prefer to support and encourage companies that sell adventure games. It’s clear that Got Game is a small, independent outfit, and founder Howard Horowitz is well-intentioned and passionate about adventure games. I can’t help being a little disgruntled, though.

Anyway, here’s the fix. Bad Mojo uses the badmojo.ini file to determine where it’s installed. By default, it looks for the file in its own directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\. However, if a badmojo.ini file exists in C:\Windows\, it uses that instead.

In my case, the Bad Mojo installer put an incomplete badmojo.ini file into C:\Windows\. It had only these lines:


I copied these lines from C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\badmojo.ini into it, and voila, no more error!

BACKGROUND=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\OVER;C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\BACKGND
TOPO=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\TOPO
BTC=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\BTC
PALETTE=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\PALETTE
SCRIBBLE=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\OVER;C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\SCRIBBLE
CEL=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\OVER;C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\CEL
SCRIPT=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\SCRIPT
ROACH=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\ROACHD
MOVIE=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\OVER;C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\MOVIE
MASH=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\OVER;C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\MASH
SOUND=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\SOUND
SAVE=C:\Program Files\Bad Mojo\SAVE

Alternatively, deleting C:\Windows\badmojo.ini also fixes the problem.

8 thoughts on “Beware of Bad Mojo: Redux from Got Game Entertainment

  1. thanks! i tried sd4hide, but it looks like safedisc wasn’t the problem here. you did inspire me to keep investigating, though, and i finally figured it out. phew!

  2. Im running vista and I dont have the badmojo.ini in windows dir, so it doesnt work for me :/

  3. [booger]
    USER=Badmojo Fan

    my ini file is this maybe it helps.

  4. thanks, it helped! for some reason, my file didnt have the topo= …. line. Now i fixed it and it works.

  5. I have a problem whit the videos of the game… there are too slow… I played the videos individually whit QuickTime in Windows and they run fine…but in the game are too slow…

    Thanks for your time

  6. im getting an error waveout dll 0xc0000005 this never happen before after windows was reloaded I started to get this what can I do

  7. Get the GOG version. It comes with a launcher and a “QuickTime Fix”. Works like a charm.

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