Coffee I’ve tried and want to try. I liked, were just ok, I didn’t like. Also see wine, beer, chocolate, and other lists.

This isn’t comprehensive – I’ve tried others that aren’t listed here – and it’s biased. If I mark something here, I may still think it’s good overall, but just doesn’t match my own personal taste, and vice versa.


Trap Door Dry Humor (medium)

Bello Indian Monsoon Malabar

Anchor Captain , Ethiopia Koke

Proyecto Diaz El Carmen

Pacific Coast Cafe Rainforest Alliance (medium)

Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina

Mountanos Indian Mysore Nuggets (from Spike’s)

Oakland Coffee Cerro de Oro (medium dark) , Guapa Chiapas (medium)

Stumptown Hair Bender

Counter Culture Big Trouble (medium)

Henry’s House Of Coffee Bella Finca (dark)

Flywheel Ethiopia Amaro Gayo (light) , Costa Rica Florfina (light) , Kenya Aa Plus

Equator misc

Kupi Luwak (civet)

Philz Silken Splendor (medium) , Philtered Soul (medium) , Canopy of Heaven (light)

Ritual misc

Four Barrel misc

Rogue misc

Blue Bottle misc

Old Tavern Jamaica Blue Mountain (medium)

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