Coffee I’ve tried and want to try. I liked, were just ok, I didn’t like. Also see wine, beer, chocolate, and other lists.

This isn’t comprehensive – I’ve tried others that aren’t listed here – and it’s biased. If I mark something here, I may still think it’s good overall, but just doesn’t match my own personal taste, and vice versa.


Huckleberry Skeleton Key (decaf)

Sightglass El Meridiano Reserva (Columbia)

Peerless Maranello Espresso

Kicking Horse Smart Ass (medium)

JJ Bean (not sure which roast)

Tierra Mia El Salvador La Libertad (medium)

Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso

Saint Frank Guatemala Don Guayo (medium)

Trap Door Dry Humor (medium), Sleight Of Hand (medium, espresso)

Bello Indian Monsoon Malabar

Anchor Captain , Ethiopia Koke

Proyecto Diaz El Carmen

Pacific Coast Cafe Rainforest Alliance (medium)

Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina

Mountanos Indian Mysore Nuggets (from Spike’s)

Oakland Coffee Cerro de Oro (medium dark) , Guapa Chiapas (medium)

Stumptown Hair Bender

Counter Culture Big Trouble (medium)

Henry’s House Of Coffee Bella Finca (dark)

Flywheel Ethiopia Amaro Gayo (light) , Costa Rica Florfina (light) , Kenya Aa Plus

Equator misc

Kupi Luwak (civet)

Philz Silken Splendor (medium) , Philtered Soul (medium) , Canopy of Heaven (light)

Ritual misc

Four Barrel misc

Rogue misc

Blue Bottle misc

Old Tavern Jamaica Blue Mountain (medium)

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