Hi everybody! my name is Pat. I am a male caucasian from northern michigan. i am 17 (18 in september). I have blond hair, blue eyes, and am around 6′ tall. this fall i am attending college at Lake Superior State University. I hope i’m not too boring for all of you and have fun reading my stuff. ~favorite quote “i love me” tom horrocks

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  1. today is august 24th. tomorrow i am moving into my dorm room at Lake State. i hope my roommates aren’t retarted (most likely not, but we’ll see). i’m gonna have 3 roommates and only 2 beds :S. lol just kidding we have bunks. well i’m tired and i have to drive home tonight still (mom’s to dad’s, about half an hour) so i’ll see you guys later!

  2. hey guys!
    i’m all moved in at lake state now. i’m actually back down here right now, it’s the 27th. i have to go back up tomorrow to get some nice stuff done but that’ll wait until tomorrow. yesterday was pretty cool. it was my first day by myself at the dorms. i woke up at 8:00 and went to breakfast at the quarterdeck (that’s the name of our dining hall) with rob (one of my roommates) then at 10 we had a mandatory freshman meeting. all we did there was listen to some lady blab on about how she almost screwed up her college career. how boring! then at 1:00 we had to go and take a dang placement test. it took an hour and a half and i almost fell asleep during it :P. after that me, al (my other dorm mate), and gabe (i met him the first night) went around lakerpalooza (all the clubs had tables set up outside Brady hall)(brady hall is where i live). man those guys are a riot. well i’ll quit boring you now. hope you guys are havin a blast! lata

  3. hey peeps it’s me again.
    lol i really dont know if anyone is even reading this, probably not but it’s fun to write it when i’m bored. well classes really aren’t too bad. prof. bolger (head of the computer science department) has some really really lame jokes, but he’s cool. he’s my computer science 105 teacher. holy cow!i already have 2 papers to write by thursday! (tuesday today) but tomorrow i dont have class until 3:00 so i should be able to finish all of my stuff tomorrow before then. tomorrow is a dang easy day. computer lab 3-5 and band 7-10. well it’s 12:46 and i have class at 1:00 so i’ll catch you cool cats later!

  4. hi people!
    i’m just sititng here. been playing games online since about 2 and it’s 4:45 now. wow i got my papers done just in the nick of time today. i couldnt find a printer that would print my papers! but i made it to class with about 10 seconds to spare (i had to rollerblade over to the fine arts center to make sure i was on time) that was a fun trip. kyle is here now. he decided he didnt want to drive every day. he’s a cool guy. geez, i fell asleep at 2 this morning and woke up at 7. that’s dang bad for me (i’m looking for pity here :P). well, i’m gonna go get dinner at the Quarterdeck blah. cya this weekend hopefully!

  5. what’s uppity?
    i’m just sitting here waiting until 9:00. the hallway is pretty busy. whitney and stephanie are over at the dorm. it’s usually busy when they come over :D. at 9:00 me and al are gonna watch tremors on sci fi woot woot. nah, i’m just really bored. i got a job at the IT helpdesk. that’ll be sweet cause i’ll be making money when i dont have to spend any. but after that dang break i’m starting to miss everybody. lol i’ll be alright. our band sucks!! oh my gosh! we had 13 people in concert band and 20 in pep band. they made the new people sit out right away in playing the LSSU fight song just so we knew how to play it, but it was the easiest piece of music i’ve ever read before!! i dont know. it’ll probably suck, but i’m stayin in for the credits. besides that, my life is really boring. i watched 3 movies today already. well, might be moving the blog to xanga. we’ll see. bye!

  6. i’m kinda ticked off right now. stuff on this computer i’m using is having epileptic seizures or something, and i would probably smash the thing if it wasn’t mine. lol, but that’s ok. i’m going to switch my blog to xanga just because i’m ticked right now and i dont like this page anyways so i’ll see you there. (i dont know my xanga account right off the top of my head so i’ll put one more comment on here to tell anyone who reads this what’s going on. Bye!

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