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For a long time, our cafeteria at work didn’t serve dinner on Fridays. Most people left early on Friday anyway, so it only made sense.

A few years back, Nathan and I found ourselves without dinner plans one Friday night, so we headed down to Fiesta Del Mar for margaritas and chimichangas. They were good, so we went back the next Friday. And the next. And the next.

After a while, we got antsy about the lack of variety, so we branched out to other Mexican restaurants. Other people heard about the fledgling tradition, and soon we had a full-blown event that drew 8-10 people each week.

At this point, we’ve hit most of the Mexican restaurants in the Mountain View/Palo Alto/Menlo Park area. If it has margaritas and chimichangas, we’ve probably been there.

Here are some of the restaurants we’ve eaten at so far, as well as a few we hope to visit. Feel free to add any I’ve forgotten! (Also see other lists.)

We haven’t yet eaten at:

We’ve eaten at:

4 thoughts on “friday mexican dinner

  1. I’m fond of Estrellita’s, located on San Antonio just beyond the Chef Chu’s/Armadillo Willy’s duet. Interesting monthly specials. I also recommend the Chicken Oaxaca.

    – Tom

  2. The enchiladas guajillo at ViVe Sol rock my world. And a lot of other things on the back of the menu. There’s a pork loin stuffed with spinach and manchego cheese I believe that is pretty awesome too.


  3. I flew the Mexican Dinner Flag way up north of the border in Toronto! It was a match made in heaven as the place was called ‘Chimichanga‘. While the chimi is actually a footnote on they’re menu, they sure know how to make them!

    Photo of a glorious Chimichanga

    It scores another few points for serving a suprisingly tasty banana margarita. Check it out, next time you find yourself out that way!

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