Mustache Competition

During the month of May 2005, a group of us competed to see who could grow the best mustache. Some of you may be thinking, “…but Ryan grows facial hair like a 12-year-old girl!” Well, you’re right, of course, but I wasn’t about to give up without a fight.

No one actually wants a mustache for any length of time, so we grew full-on beards. At the end of the month, we broke out the razors, posted lookouts to watch for the fashion police, and hit the runway to strut our stuff.

It may have be a foregone conclusion, but we never actually formally decided the winner. We originally planned to hold a vote, open to the general public. The ballot box was going to be built along the lines of this prototype…but we never got around to it. Props to Evan Martin for the prototype, though!

Here are before and after pictures, as well as some candids and group shots from the final judging and awards ceremony.

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