Newborn Brooke

Our new daughter!

Credit for most of these photos – all the good ones! – goes to Devon LaHar. The rest are our fault.

7 thoughts on “Newborn Brooke

  1. She’s SO cute! Love the photos. Please keep posting more! :)

    Many congrats to you and Gina. You both are going to be the best parents.

  2. OK, so I’m especially digging the hiccups clip, Ryan!

    Brooke’s hiccups are cute cute cute…whereas your hiccups as a newborn, Ryan, were gulping big and kinda scary until we got used to them. The Dr. Spock book was spectacularly unhelpful about hiccups.

    As we remember, Ryan, you hiccupped after you ate– and you ate all the time–which means that we were SO ready for you to move on to another stage of vocalization!

  3. Joyful family it is !

    Here’s a little hint for preventing the hiccups ( see little Brooke’s expression that she wasn’t happy with those hiccups.. )- swaddle her comfortably, sit her a little upright, support her head and chin throughout the feeding, burp whenever she pauses to suck ‚Ķ..Hope that help.

  4. She is Beautiful! Such great pic’s and LOVE the video’s.

  5. Thank you for inviting us to visit Brooke and your family on Sunday. We deeply felt your family’s passion and excitement for the little prince’s arrival.

    I was so impressed how Brooke is being cared for – she’s totally fit into a ” Perfect ” baby category ! – she’s beautiful, well groomed, likes her food, alert, calm, and expressible‚Ķ.

    Gina – I was so touched seeing the motherly love shining on your face when Brooke was either in your arms or over your shoulder. A great bonding between you and Brooke ! It’s so lovely that you shown us your own baby clothes which are passing on to Brooke, so cute and so warm.

    Ryan – I’ve no doubt that you’re fulfilling your fatherhood’s route !

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