Sole elliptical NEED LUBE message

Got a Sole elliptical machine? Is it displaying a NEED LUBE error message when you turn it on? Tyler at Sole service told me this is a software bug. It appears every 180 miles of usage, and it was really only intended for treadmills, not ellipticals.

You can clean and lubricate the rails and wheels – and you should – but the error message won’t go away. Instead, you can get rid of it by resetting the odometer. First, press and hold the Start, Enter, and Stop buttons for five seconds to enter engineering mode. Use the arrow keys to select FUNCTIONS, then select ODO RESET and press Enter. Turn the machine off and on again, and voila, no error message.

Thanks Tyler! Happy exercising!

35 thoughts on “Sole elliptical NEED LUBE message

  1. Thanks as well. Could not get anyone from sole to contact me about this issue and you post did the trick.

  2. Yes…THANK YOU!!!! There’s nothing in the manual about this. Your post helped a LOT…thanks again.

  3. anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice..
    thank you for being awesome!

  4. Thanks for the most excellent post. Worked perfectly and allowed me to get my workout in. Thanks

  5. You are probably getting tired of the “Thank You” posts , but I owe you one.

    Thank You

  6. Thanks! Checked off a honey-do in nothing flat, now the wife is happy!

  7. Ryan, Thanks for taking the time to post this fix. You saved me a lot of time and frustration!

  8. WOW!! worked like a charm! your awesome !! Thanks so much!! Laurie

  9. I wasn’t able to get the arrow keys to get to functions but holding down stop and start for 10 secs reset the machine. Thanks so much!

  10. This didn’t work for me, I tried several times. It goes into engineering mode and then asks me to press all the keys still says needs lube.
    Sole E55
    Thanks for your help.

  11. What do you do if your arrows don’t work? I can get to engineering mode but because nothing happens when I push the arrow keys, that’s as far as I get. Do you have any solutions for this?

  12. My arrows didn’t work on the first screen initially either. All I did was hit enter on the first screen and then I could use my arrows to scroll to get the functions. Hope that helps

  13. My E55 won’t read from any chest straps anymore. Only the hand grips work for HR determination? Is there some trick to get this working?

  14. Con ninguna combinación de teclas me ingresa al modo de ingeniería, existe otra opción a parte de las anterior nombradas

  15. Anyone know how to switch to metric my e95 is showing miles

  16. Another thanks for your post.

    Ann, to switch to metric, again go to the Functions screen and scroll (arrows keys) past ODO Reset to the Units screen. Choose between English and Metric there. Then turn the elliptical off and then on again.

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