view evites anonymously

Does it ever give you the creeps that, whenever you get an evite, it knows who you are? Worse, if you forward an evite link to a friend, when they view it, they can change your reply, or even your evite profile!

To view an evite anonymously, remove the &src=… parameter from the URL (if any) and add &unknownUser=true to the end. This link is also safe to send to friends. (That’s not as important any more, though since most evites let you invite other people “officially.”)

2 thoughts on “view evites anonymously

  1. More details … supposing Ryan sends me an evite and i want to forward to Bob. When I click on my Evite, i have to find the link that says ‘Not Maulik?’ and click on that. then i can send the new link (which already has the unknownUser=True appended) to Bob.

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