Hakuna Matata

Over the weekend, I went with my family to see the Lion King musical. It was playing at the Orpheum Theatre, just blocks from my apartment…so I convinced my parents to try MUNI instead of driving. This worked out well, since it started pouring rain as soon as we left my apartment.

But I digress. The show was incredible. It was a solid play in its own right, and the cast was great, but the real stars were the costumes and the music. They had people in giraffe costumes on four-legged stilts, soaring birds on impossibly tall poles, massive elephants that dwarfed the stage, and that’s just the beginning. I was also impressed at how well the costumes – and the actors! – portrayed animals that don’t look or move remotely like humans.

The music was similarly unusual and cool. It included most of the familiar songs from the movie, but with a distinct African flair, It also included other African music, dancing, and authentic instruments, all well executed.

On a diferent note, I was happy to see that a big, traditional entertainment company like Disney had the guts to produce something like this. To say it’s not their standard fare would be an understatement. :P I’m glad they did, though, since we all had a lot of fun.


2 thoughts on “Hakuna Matata

  1. So this show is heading to phoenix…you’re saying it’s worth it? I mean, you said it was incredible, but that just means you don’t believe in them. I understand, they are, after all, actors. You can never really tell what they’re really thinking. And this rain, this is that wet stuff? I hope that doesn’t come with the show, yeesh!

    btw, did you take those pictures?

  2. assuming you don’t get the $120 box seats, or whatever, yeah, it’s worth it. but what am i telling you for, of course it’s worth it for you!

    as for the pictures, nah, i stole them from http://images.google.com :P

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