Maulik and books, sitting in a tree…

Recently, Maulik has been tearing through books, both audio and the more traditional paper kind, at a blistering pace. What’s more, he has impeccable taste. I’ve come to trust his recommendations, and I’m far from the only one.

To make things easier on all of us, he whipped up a full-fledged book recommendation engine from scratch. It has navigation, statistics, and even those tags that all the kids are using these days. Maulik wields AJAX like a finely balanced samurai sword, and it shows.

In comparison, I’m ashamed to admit that the books page on snarfed is woefully out of date. I should update it, since I’ve read a number of stellar books recently – Set This House in Order, The Diamond Age, The Digital Person, and Mind Hacks, just to name a few. Unfortunately, I’m lazy. :P


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