Books I’ve read and want to read. I liked, were just ok, I didn’t like, I didn’t finish. nf are non-fiction, f are fiction.

Also see Maulik’s and Jon’s reading lists, movies, games, and other lists.

Books I’d like to read:

* Richard Powers – The Overstory, Galatea 2.0

* Hans Rosling – Factfulness nf

Books I’ve read:

  1. Reading/not reading a book isn’t binary but a spectrum. You can hear about a book, read parts of it, read it and then forget some of it, or even forget you read it at all. (OK.)
  2. We all interpret books differently, and our interpretations are more important and valuable than the books themselves. (Um…not so much.)
  3. It’s usually better not to read any given book than to read it, since it’s mostly unnecessary and it imposes an opportunity cost. (Um…not so much.)
  4. Finally, the ultimate aim of thinking and talking about books (and other works of art) is to be creative, in particular about ourselves. (Creative, sure, but about ourselves? Narcissism, no thanks.)

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