i always love these posts! thanks for the recs. enqueued!

The Other Side of History sounds fun! maybe similar to Adrian Hon’s A History of the Future in 100 Objects.

most of us in tech aspire to leader-leader, or at least pay lip service, but it sounds like David Marquet has really broken it down and thought it through. along the same lines, i really enjoyed US Army Counterinsurgency Field Manual a while back. big, forward looking militaries like the US’s might have the most interesting org challenges anywhere these days, and their answers are often equally interesting.

i heard a great extended interview with Yanis Varoufakis while back (on Planet Money or Freakonomics or TAL) , so i can imagine his book is just as good.

i haven’t read Algorithms to Live By, but i heard enough of Christian’s book tour interviews that i feel like i got the Cliff’s Notes. such an original, useful idea!

❤ books…


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