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My workout regimen consists of running, lifting, and the occasional game of tennis. I’m good about sticking to a routine, and I’m glad I do, but I don’t really keep track of how far I run or the routes I take.

I’ve always been curious about my runs, though. How far do I run? What’s the elevation change? Are there other interesting runs in the same area?

Friends at work recently turned me onto some great mashup sites that answer these exact questions. I first tried MapMyRun. Within minutes, I’d mapped out a few of my regular routes. MapMyRun gave me the distance, elevation, calorie estimate, and other statistics. It also showed me nearby runs that other people had posted.

Others include Gmaps Pedometer and US Track & Field’s site, which aims to be the “largest searchable database of running routes in the country.” Ambitious, eh?


8 thoughts on “Running Maps

  1. Sweet, comments!

    What are you going to do about potential spam? Or are you figuring that your custom hack + small market share platform == not worth it for a spammer?


  2. yeah, i was thinking the same math. with an installed base of one, i’m guessing i won’t be much of a target. if i do get spammed, then…um…i’ll get back to you. :P

  3. now here’s a wonderful feature where you don’t have to sign-in to post comments, and there’s ryan signing-in like a sucker :-P

    Nice work ryan, and btw, i’m never signing in again!


  4. Completely puzzled by this thread. But the oppty to post anonymously is too tempting. O tempore, o mores.

    Et tu, Cuistot

    Caveat postor

    – Cajun

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