3 thoughts on “CodeCon 2006

  1. Hi Ryan, I was reading the Google blog today when I recognized the snarfed.org link on the side. (I think you or Char had told me about it before.)

    Anyway, I just wanted to post & say hi! (And hi to the other Otero boys…Maulik, Bill, Ken, Nate, John…t’was nice to see all of you at Big Game a few months ago!)

    Ok, I should probably get back to work…See you around!

    – Barbara (from Otero)

  2. hi barbara, thanks for the note! yeah, i do get a lot of traffic from the
    google blog. i’ll definitely pass on your regards to the rest of the draw group!

  3. Off-Topic:

    Hello Ryan. I got problems installing your patch to enable commenting without being registered. Just followed your instructions and all went fine, or, seems to worked fine. Maybe you could help me with this, it’d be very kind of you.

    My Jabber account is vwoelm@gmail.com.

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