Stanford CS Department 40th Anniversary

I just got back from the Stanford Computer Science department‘s 40th Anniversary. It was both a seminar and a networking event, featuring professors emeritus from years past, current professors, and distinguished alumni. They waxed nostalgic about the CS dept. in the “good old days” and they discussed the current state of Stanford CS research and industry relations.

Hector Garcia-Molina led the panels, and John Hennessy keynoted. The panels included a number of huge names, most of which I’ve listed below. The crowd almost outshined them, though. People like Whitfield Diffie, Vint Cerf, Dawson Engler, Brian Kernighan, and Alan Kay were there to join in the celebration…and those were just the ones I recognized! Very cool.

The panels and talks were videotaped, so you can watch them on SCPD. Slides and pictures are also up. For more, see my very rough notes.


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