Birthday portrait

Every year, around the time the leaves start turning and the air gets crisp, my birthday rolls around…and every year, when people ask what to get me, I’m inevitably at a loss.

I like to count my blessings. I’m happy, healthy, I have a good job and a roof over my head, and I don’t really want for very much. That doesn’t fly with family and friends, though, who have to get me a present, dammit, and why do I always have to be so difficult?!

I tried pointing them to my books, chocolate, and games lists. That worked for a few years, but they eventually saw through it. We can’t do that again, we’re supposed to get you something good!

Well, this year they outdid themselves. Along with an incredible homemade pecan galette and The Wire on DVD, I received a striking portrait from my sister. Even better, I can share it with you!

It was a hit at the party. Everyone gushed about how much it captured one of my most memorable expressions, and Ken‘s, with just a few brush strokes. I can’t wait to put it up in my office. Thanks, Vanessa!


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