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A few weeks ago, Ken rallied a group of us to go to Go Kart Racer after work. I was surprised at how fun it was, and also at how serious they take it. They make it feel like real racing, with protective gear, a training video, and a live scoreboard. They even have racing leagues!

Most of all, I was impressed the the stats they collect. Everyone gets a printout with times, positions, and splits at the end of the race. They even include graphs of everyone’s position at the end of each lap.

Apart from satisfying geeks like me, the stats provide lots of bragging rights ammo. They’re useful when you have to set the record straight about that low-down dirty scoundrel who passed you on the inside lane of the hairpin. Gotta love technology!

Even better, the stats for each race are published online! Extra brownie points for that. Of course, I forgot the fake email address I gave them, so I had to hold off on this post until I scanned in my printouts. I didn’t start off so well, but hey, cut me some slack. I’m showing signs of improvement!

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7 thoughts on “Go Kart Racer

  1. Went go-karting a few months back and got burn on my hip. You need to be careful and make sure that the motor is not to close to the chair.

    Anyway, after trying it out I have new admiration for speed car drivers. It’s very hard to stay focus for a long time. You lose a second of focus and bam you hit the dirt.

  2. vrrrrooooommmm!! you beat me to the posting of this news! fun times, thanks Ken for organizing.

  3. very good organisation….I like go-kart but unfortunately in my country there very very few  tracks

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