Vanessa’s show with Distilled Spirit at Warehouse 1310

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About a month ago, Sep Kamvar wandered into my office. He was curious about the art on the walls, which I’d stolen fair and square from my sister. I gave him her card, went back to work, and promptly forgot about the encounter…

…until Vanessa announced her next show, a collaboration with Sep’s independent clothing line, Distilled Spirit. He’s always on the lookout for local artists to work with, and Vanessa was happy to oblige. Cool!

I spread the word, and promised the friday dinner crew a real, honest-to-God taqueria in the Mission if they came to the show. We grabbed dinner at Taqueria San Francisco, which had damn good burritos, even though they were out of their signature dish, buche.

Undeterred, I led the way down the street to Warehouse 1310, where the show was already in full swing. Sep and crew did an admirable job of making a raw, empty warehouse look edgy and cool with just a few touches here and there. Vanessa’s art looked great, and the clothes and other art did too.

Dan’s post has pictures and more details. Vanessa, Sep, everyone, thanks for a great party!


One thought on “Vanessa’s show with Distilled Spirit at Warehouse 1310

  1. nice idea stealing the art … but i’ll be planning on stealing the artist! it’s all about the goose, not the egg :-P

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