Ignite at Google I/O


I just got back from the first day of Google I/O, and one of my favorite sessions wasn’t Google related or even particularly technical. It was Ignite, a fast-paced collage of talks that gives each presenter only 5 minutes total, 15 seconds per slide.

Naturally, Ignite talks tend toward the unusual. The ones I saw ranged from the lighthearted to the esoteric to the absurd. They included a (search engine) search for the meaning of life, rowing across the North Atlantic ocean, battleship with real life scale model boats and guns, and a deconstruction of funny cat pictures by an expert. (Srsly.) The last speaker even found Atlantis!

Too fun. I wonder if anything tomorrow will come close, at least in entertainment value…


2 thoughts on “Ignite at Google I/O

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