Warrior Dash

Imagine a triathlon, a Halloween party, and Army basic training had a drunken love child. Got that image in your head? Throw in a dash of hashing and a few thousand turkey legs and you’ve got Warrior Dash. Maulik and Sarjita did it last year, and they had enough fun that they inspired me to try it this year out here in the Bay Area.

Cynthia, Josh, and I headed down to Hollister this morning for the event. We proceeded to cover ourselves in body paint, scream battle cries, sack refreshment booths and pillage port-a-potties, and generally work up a good frothy bloodlust in preparation for the run and obstacle course.

The pictures speak for themselves, but in case there’s any doubt, it was a blast. Check out the course map for more. If it looks like your kind of thing, drop me a line and come with us next year!


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