Google Cloud SQL

We’ve just announced Google Cloud SQL, a hosted relational database that does for MySQL what App Engine did for webapps. It handles the plumbing and infrastructure so you’re free to focus on your application. No more DBA needed!

Cloud SQL is led by Ken Ashcraft, one of my App Engine cofounders and a good friend, and has a great team behind it. I’m not on the core team, but I did contribute the Python API and the sample guestbook and SQL shell apps in 20% time, which was a lot of fun.

I’ll always have a soft spot for the App Engine datastore, but I also often tell people that it’s not good for all use cases. Its query engine doesn’t support data mining or ad hoc, user-driven queries as well as a traditional RDBMS – although that’s changing – and it doesn’t integrate with existing SQL-based tools and frameworks. Cloud SQL will and does, and that’s really exciting.

Congrats on the launch, guys! And for the rest of you, go check it out!


5 thoughts on “Google Cloud SQL

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Can you please influence the Cloud SQL team to allow connections to Google Cloud SQL from outside of the App Engine? Please… :)


  2. saqib, you’ve seen the FAQ entry, right? they’re definitely aware of the need. the language there, e.g. “The limited preview is primarily focused…” and “Currently…”, seems to imply that it may not be a permanent design decision.

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