Movember, you win

Partly in solidarity with Movember, and partly because I’m on sabbatical, I’ve been lazy and haven’t shaved for a few weeks. Sadly, I don’t have the genes or temperament for serious facial hair, so it all came off this morning.

Still, it was fun while it lasted, and it brought back fond memories of May Moustache Madness over six years ago. Maybe next year I’ll have a tougher constitution!


8 thoughts on “Movember, you win

  1. Dude, you got the foundations for a fine beard but you just have to give it more time. For me, it takes a month before you can say “thats a beard!” And two months before it is nicely filled in. but rock that stache for a week! I dare you!
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  2. I'm glad you mustered up the strength to lift razor to face….ya lazy bum! Actually, there's a bookstore in North Beach where you can hang if you get the urge to stop shaving again. via Google+

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