Bridgy up and running

I’ve just released Bridgy, a little side project I’ve been working on. Got a blog? Share your blog posts on social networks? Wish comments on those shared posts also showed up on your blog? Bridgy copies them back for you.

Bridgy is a throwaway prototype on the road toward a larger project: OStatus for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. I don’t plan to update it much, provide end user support, or properly integrate it with WebFinger or Salmon or the other OStatus component protocols. Still, it was a useful way to explore the APIs, and it does actually work. Feel free to try it!


8 thoughts on “Bridgy up and running

  1. Emlyn O’Regan‘s project Syyncc is worth mentioning here. It syndicates posts and comments between Google+, Buzz, Facebook, and WordPress, similar to Bridgy. Bridgy is different in that it also supports Twitter, it only syndicates comments, and it’s probably less robust in all sorts of ways…but otherwise they’re very similar.

    Like I do with Bridgy, Emlyn considers Syyncc a stepping stone toward a much greater vision: Network X (discussion). It’s a federated social networking protocol similar to OStatus‘s predecessor OpenMicroBlogging. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  2. Got a good little chuckle out of this quote from Brid.gy’s launch announcement, from before it played with indieweb

    Bridgy is a throwaway prototype on the road toward a larger project

    And a useful reminder to be careful with your throwaway side projects, people might actually want to use them!

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