2 thoughts on “Shell app for App Engine Python 2.7 runtime

  1. Hi, is the updated source available somewhere? Also, could you update the shell app so it loads all the available libraries (ie. setuptools, lxml, etc) ?


  2. glad you’re interested!

    i’m working on getting the changes into the repo. in the meantime, feel free to apply them yourself. other than runtime: python27 and threadsafe: false in app.yaml, i only made one minor bug fix. here’s the patch:

    Index: app.yaml
    --- app.yaml    (revision 151)
    +++ app.yaml    (working copy)
    @@ -1,8 +1,9 @@
    -application: shell
    +application: shell-27
     version: 1
    -runtime: python
    +runtime: python27
     api_version: 1
    +threadsafe: false
     - url: /static
    Index: shell.py
    --- shell.py    (revision 151)
    +++ shell.py    (working copy)
    @@ -192,8 +192,8 @@
                  'login_url': users.create_login_url(session_url),
                  'logout_url': users.create_logout_url(session_url),
    -    rendered = webapp.template.render(template_file, vars, debug=_DEBUG)
    -    self.response.out.write(rendered)
    +    rendered = template.render(template_file, vars, debug=_DEBUG)
    +    self.response.out.write(unicode(rendered))
     class StatementHandler(webapp.RequestHandler):

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