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Streamlined life

Part of my Unwriting series.

In our last episode, I thought about what it means when technology helps us reclaim so much of our time and energy. It’s one reason I feel so damn lucky to have such a good life. I’m healthy, secure, stable, confident, comfortable, challenged, engaged, and just plain happy, or at least content, almost all the time.

Technology is far from the only contributor. Genes, environment, socioeconomic status, friends and family, and good old dumb luck all play their parts. Regardless, for all those reasons and more, life is good.

It’s not just the macro level. Minute by minute, when I look at how I spend my time, it’s widely varied and almost all positive. My job is challenging, I have great mainstream and not so mainstream hobbies, I get to hang out with fun people, I do fun new things regularly, and it’s easy to find good books, games, movies, and other media. Daily chores aren’t so bad, since we’ve batched and optimized them down to a science. Hell, even five minute walks are an excuse to listen to interesting podcasts. I pretty much always have something fulfilling or entertaining to do.

It’s not as busy as it sounds, and there’s definitely downtime, but in general, it’s a streamlined, efficient, satisfying life. I have plenty to be thankful for.


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