twitter-atom is back!

One of my side projects, Twitter Atom feeds (aka twitter-atom), has been down for a couple months. It ran afoul of Twitter’s new API terms, which cracked down on syndicating tweets outside of the Twitter walled garden in any form.

Fortunately, I’ve tweaked the design a bit, and it’s back up! If you used it before, you’ll want to regenerate your feed and plug it back into your feed reader of choice. Feel free to ping me with any questions. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “twitter-atom is back!

  1. i’d love to! it’d take some work, though. right now it’s purely on demand, ie feeds aren’t generated until they’re requested, ie not periodically or in real time. i could definitely imagine adding a background process like Bridgy’s, though, or maybe using something like the Pipeline API.

    …alternatively, we could just cheat and send pings when feeds are requested. that actually should work pretty well, at least for the feeds that people plug into feed readers, since those will make requests pretty regularly.

    if you’d like to help, great! feel free to fork the project on github and start sending pull requests. and probably ping me first if you start considering any major redesigns .

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