Bridgy Fed status update

I may start posting brief status updates here on my progress on Bridgy Fed toward a general-purpose decentralized social bridge. Maybe weekly or so. Here’s the first!

The current phase is tracked in snarfed/bridgy-fed#512 . Right now I’m finishing the abstract router that handles incoming activities/events. It’s been tough figuring out the right abstractions! There are two main parts:

  1. A set of operations that need to be implemented for all protocols. Right now it’s fetch, send, serve, and target_for.
  2. The protocol-independent router and logic for handling activities. Eg if it receives a follow, it stores that new follower and replies with an accept. If it gets a new post, it delivers it to all followers. etc.

#2 was originally split across partial implementations for webmention and ActivityPub. I’m currently merging those and filling in the remaining parts. And tests. Lots and lots of tests.

I’m hoping to finish that in a week or less. After that, I’m switching to ATProto work, standing up a proof of concept PDS and testing out federation against Bluesky’s sandbox. That’s probably at least a couple weeks. After that, I’ll be able to integrate the result into Bridgy Fed, which is the last big phase to get a real live bridge running.


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