Bridgy Fed status update

Hi all! I finally got another big bit of Bridgy Fed interop working earlier today: bridging Bluesky replies, likes, and reposts into the fediverse. (Only the Bluesky federation sandbox, not real users, since federation is still months away.)

Here are example screenshots:

Lots more bug fixes, cleanup, and testing to do, but it’s nice to get this far.

Beyond development I’m now also starting to ramp up a bit of outreach. The IndieWeb and Bluesky communities are supportive, and the fediverse admins and community representatives I’ve approached so far have been generally positive, but I need to talk to more people there. Now is the right time, when I still have months to hear and incorporate feedback before Bluesky federates and I’m able to ship Bridgy Fed’s Bluesky support.

Until next time!

Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, cc @activitypubblueskybridge@venera.social.


53 thoughts on “Bridgy Fed status update

  1. Ryan I am gonna dump this link into Fediverse Developers Network General the next time “something something ATP bad” comes up

  2. Another brief Bridgy Fed progress report: first pass at Bluesky support is feature complete! All basic interactions – user discovery, following, posts, replies, likes, reposts…

  3. @snarfed.org@fed.brid.gy

    Yes, this is positive. What I want specifically is this:

    My AP posts to also show up over there on AT(This should be opt-in because a lot of other people do not want to be proxied, but I’d wanna give it a try at least.)People can post replies to my AP posts from there and I can reply back and forth in a convoI can block individuals who behave badly or turn off the whole bridge if it’s too many

    This is similar to how I am on OFTC normally but Matrix people can reach me at the bridge on @_oftc_sandra:matrix.org and those comments show up over on my OFTC account and I don’t even have to notice they’re on Matrix.

    I’m not in a hurry to start following people who are on AT πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ even though that might be fun down the line.

    I’m scared AT will be way more toxic and twitterlike since they deliberately are designing for an algo-driven world/global timeline which is the opposite of the bubble-coziness we have here on Fedi.


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