Bridgy Fed status update

Big milestone this episode! I now have Bluesky profiles bridged end to end to the fediverse. Try it yourself! Add @atproto.brid.gy to any Bluesky handle, eg @snarfed.org@atproto.brid.gy or jay.bsky.team@atproto.brid.gy, and search for that in any fediverse server you’re logged into. Et voilà!

Following and interacting won’t work until the Bluesky team turns on federation, and I have plenty left to do anyway, but still! Nice to have something working end to end.

To get here over the past few weeks, I did a lot more Bluesky client side work: upgraded arroba to repo v3, implemented handle resolution (both DNS and HTTP), started polling notifications, more DID doc wrangling, more Bluesky lexicon conversion code in granary, etc.

Lastly, I got to talk with Laurens Hof of Fediverse Report fame for a bit this morning. Lots of fun, you may get to read a bit about it soon. Thanks for everything you do, Laurens!

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7 thoughts on “Bridgy Fed status update

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