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Bridgy Fed status update

Last time here, a couple weeks ago, I had an incomplete, bare bones ATProto PDS up and running. I planned to finish it, hook it up to the federation sandbox BGS and AppView, switch to did:plc DIDs, and learn and implement the v2 repo, websocket event streams, and subscribeRepos.

All that is done! Along with low-S ECDSA signatures and a number of other things. The end result is a seemingly complete ATProto PDS.

…which leaves interop testing. That’s where I am right now. Getting close to having that working!

On the side, I’ve been implementing Nostr in granary. I shipped that last week, so now I’m starting to add it to Bridgy Fed. That has a good chance of shipping before ATProto/Bluesky federation gets turned on.

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