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Bridgy Fed status update

It’s been a few weeks since the last Bridgy Fed status update! Half of that was due to a family vacation, but I still do have progress to report.

As planned, I shipped the Bridgy Fed activity router and switched gears to arroba and Bluesky federation. I implemented most of the com.atproto XRPC methods for accessing an arroba-based ATProto repo and PDS, including CAR serialization. This got me as far as a prototype PDS that I can log into with the official Bluesky web app and mobile apps! Big milestone.

Next up:

  • Get the prototype PDS fully working and hooked up to the sandbox BGS and AppView.
  • Maybe switch it to did:plc DIDs and integrated with the official PLC registry? It currently uses did:webs, not sure if those will fly.
  • Learn and implement the ATProto v2 repo data structure. It’s a pretty significant change to support rebases, from complete chain of commits to independent snapshots.
  • Set up websockets for event streams, implement com.atproto.sync.subscribeRepos, and get that all running on App Engine Flex.

Here we go!

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