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Bridgy Fed status update

In the old Age of Sail style. A Lovecraftian giant octopus attacks three large sailing ships. The ships' sails have the Twitter, Reddit, and Threads logos. The octopus's tentacles have the webmention, ActivityPub, fediverse, ATProto, and Nostr logos. The octopus's head is a router with the Bridgy (Fed) logo. Based on Linnaea Mallette’s
Vintage Map Ship Octopus Ocean

If Bridgy Fed was a mythical sea monster, and the protocols – webmention, ActivityPub, Bluesky, etc. – were its limbs, then the protocol-independent activity router might be its…brain?

Or…its heart? Or something? In any case, the first draft of that router is finally done. Progress!

I plan to deploy it to production today. It’s a big change, so I expect at least a full day or two of bug triage and fixes, if not more.

After that comes a big context switch to ATProto, jumping back into arroba to see what’s left, if anything, to get it to federate with Bluesky’s sandbox. I expect that to be at least a week or two. End result should be a minimal standalone arroba-based PDS that federates successfully.




11 thoughts on “Bridgy Fed status update

  1. Woot! Great to hear. Have you thought about bridging Nostr one day?


  2. New status update, a week later: router is debugged and fully enabled in prod! I’m on family vacation this week, so I’m not expecting much work time, but next step is the same as above, dust off arroba and fill in any gaps and stand up a prototype Bluesky PDS.

  3. Were there any challenges or obstacles discussed in the Bridgy Fed status update? If so, how are they being addressed?

  4. Hi all! I finally got another big bit of Bridgy Fed interop working earlier today: bridging Bluesky replies, likes, and reposts into the fediverse. (Only…

  5. Another brief Bridgy Fed progress report: first pass at Bluesky support is feature complete! All basic interactions – user discovery, following, posts, replies, likes, reposts…

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