Bridgy Fed status update

Another big milestone this episode! I now have fediverse profiles fully bridged into the Bluesky federation sandbox. That means profiles can now be bridged both directions, in and out of Bluesky.

This took roughly 10x the work of bridging Bluesky profiles into the fediverse. Some of that is because I already had the ActivityPub plumbing built, but much of it is due to AT Protocol’s architecture.

Webmention, ActivityPub, and Nostr are primarily messaging protocols: they dictate how you exchange information, eg activities, but not how you store them. AT Protocol is different: it specifies sophisticated internal data structures that you have to reproduce, notably a Merkle search tree and a signed repo chain. These are tricky to get right, and the other parts of Bluesky’s architecture, notably the BGS and AppView, refuse to ingest and accept them if you get anything wrong. (And there are many ways to do that!)

Nevertheless, profiles are now flowing. And since the hard internal ATProto work is now done, I hope to have posts, replies, etc flowing within the next couple weeks. Progress!

(None of this is usable or real by users until Bluesky turns on federation, of course. Hopefully soon, once they’ve shipped their v2 infra stack!)

A few interesting bits I hit over the last couple weeks: creating DNS records on the fly, creating CID-based blobs on the fly, serving redirects to XRPC calls, and substantially revising the id mapping between protocols. Phew.

Lastly, I got to talk with Laurens Hof of Fediverse Report fame for a bit this morning. Lots of fun, you may get to read a bit about it soon. Thanks for everything you do, Laurens!

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55 thoughts on “Bridgy Fed status update

  1. Yes!!! Happy to help. If tests are the issue, I’m happy volunteer to write many of those myself. 😁

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  4. Tavallaan pelaa, eli jos laitat vaikka #musasky häsän hakuun, ne löytyy. Eli tulevaisuudessa kun ne linkataan, wanhatkin häsät löytynee.

  5. Hello there, is there any way that some users who don’t really like bridges between other platforms can opt out of this?

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