Bridgy Fed status update time! It’s been a busy couple weeks. I’m happy to report that I’ve made solid progress on three of my four goals from last time – reliability, delays, and bugs – and improved a number of other things along the way. Here’s a sampling:

Apart from the firehose, one notable area I haven’t focused on yet is infrastructure. It’s scaling ok so far, but it could be a lot better, and a lot more efficient. I’ll need to work on that soon. If you see a bit of time go by without many user-visible improvements, that’s probably what’s happening.

Otherwise, thanks for all the feedback and questions and bug reports! Please do keep them coming. As always, you can follow the now label in GitHub to see what I’m focusing on. See you on the bridge!


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  1. @snarfed.org oof I didn’t see that spam issue before

    I imagine when Threads starts federating with their massive user base there’s going to be a lot more spam instances pop up

  2. @snarfed.org Your dedication on this is very appreciable, I have wanted a way to interact with Bluesky since moving out from Twitter. I’m thrilled to see it work and unfold before my eyes :torcat_keur:

  3. @snarfed.org Looks nice! Embedded Bluesky links (quote posts on Bluesky) are still not rendered in Mastodon though, I need to go to the original post to see them. Is there a specific reason for this?

  4. Hi Ryan! When viewing my other account on Bluesky web app, still nothing showing. Already unfollow and refollow. Anything I can provide to help figure out what is wrong? Willing to get hands dirty

  5. ah, you’re on Pixelfed. we don’t have interop with them entirely working yet, they seem to choke on our Follow activities: github.com/snarfed/brid…

    our next step there is probably to file a bug with them.

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  7. @snarfed.org In Fediverse, you can write more characters in a post than on BlueSky. Too long posts are abbreviated there, provided with a link. Is it possible to divide the complete, but too long post split into two or more BSky posts?

    Thank you for bulding the bridge.

  8. @snarfed.org I don’t understand most of this, but I’m super thankful you did and are doing this bridgy thing. I already got back a few people I’ve missed dearly!

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