Beyond Good & Evil soundtrack

The music from the Beyond Good & Evil soundtrack, written and performed by Christophe Heral, is incredible. It has haunting ballades, adrenaline-filled anthems, and even some surprisingly good French hip-hop. It was praised unanimously in reviews as one of the best parts of the game.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anywhere. Due to a flood of fans clamoring for it, though, you can download it. Ubisoft released it on Nintendo Insider as a collection of 31 freely downloadable mp3s. Nintendo Insider is now gone, but the MP3s are still available here.

Also, if you’re a purist, and you own the PC version of the game, you can use Rahly’s bfextractor tool to extract the individual music tracks directly from the CD.

27 thoughts on “Beyond Good & Evil soundtrack

  1. Thank you very very much for that soundtrack. I love that game and the music in it.
    Thank you

  2. I’ve been w8in’ 4 this 4 a looong time. & it was worth every second of it. 10X very much! Take care!

  3. Does ANYONE have the original 31 tracks from the side archived somewhere, if only on their computer?  I’m just about ready to pay someone for those suckers…Can’t find the complete set ANYWHERE!!

  4. i noticed that a few other fans have made their own arrangement of the BG&E songs. it’s much more than just a quick remix or mashup. it’s high quality, has good production values, and includes original vocals and instrumentation! very cool.

  5. Storm, if I could choose the words that would best describe how wonderful I feel right now I would. But, honestly I can’t. I can’t possibly tell you how long I’ve been looking for this. I am in debt to you.

  6. That stormeffect site dosen’t seem to be up and running.. does anyone know another place? I can’t figure out that extractor program either

  7. Does anybody have the 31 downloadable mp3s for beyond good and evil? The Storm Effect one doesn’t work on my computer. Thanx.

  8. Thank you!!
    I just needed to download this OST and didn´t find it anywhere! You saved my life XD!


  9. Thanks a lot for keeping them online. Just got the game (some years to late) and loved the sound.

  10. The official free soundtrack is now also avialable for free download at 2 different mirrors which can be accessed at since most of the other sites with the original songs aren’t online anymore. I hope, that this helps some of you.
    Uh… and if you got MySpace, be sure to befriend the soundtrack too. ;)

  11. hey, someone please tell me how to download this soundtrack from a mac.

  12. I loved that game. The characters were wonderful, rememberable.

  13. Ubisoft should release a proper soundtrack to coincide with the ‘BG&E2 Teaser’

  14. The Storm site does something really strange on my computer… If I double-click the tracks in Windows Explorer they’ll play fine in Media Player, but if I try and open them from the Player (say I’d made a playlist) they won’t play. Is this just Vista messing up again?

  15. Argh! I tried to download the files from the MySpace account, but they’re encrypted! Where am I supposed to get the password?!

  16. I downloaded the soundtrack from but can’t extract it, it wants a password to extract it and I have no idea what the password is!

  17. ah, thanks wdadsasd, I missed that. Where was that mentioned as the password?

  18. Thanx very much people. However my antivirus found a trojan on the file “Tikhaa Tension.wma”. Be careful.

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