Brad Wolfe and the Moon CD

Brad Wolfe is a friend from college who’s a strikingly gifted singer/songwriter. He’s been successful on the local circuit in the bay area, and he’s threatening to turn his love of music into an actual career. His band, Brad Wolfe and the Moon, is reminiscent of artists like David Gray, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and fellow Stanfordite Stan Smith.

I got Brad’s first real CD in the mail today, and it’s really, really good. Highlights include Tall Grass, In The Middle of a Dream, and Caroline, among others. Four of the thirteen songs were originally released on his demo, and I actually prefer the demo recordings of a few of them, but that’s a small bone to pick with an otherwise standout album.

If you like Brad’s music, you might also like Chris Babson.

cddb still doesn’t list Brad, but freedb has both the demo and the album. At the risk of being redundant, here’s the discography.

Brad Wolfe and the Moon (self-titled)

1. 4:33 In The Middle of a Dream
2. 4:34 Caroline
3. 4:15 Is It Just the Rain
4. 4:09 Tall Grass
5. 3:39 If I Could
6. 4:16 Firefly
7. 4:14 Take Mine
8. 3:15 Face Against the Window
9. 4:08 Reservoir of Lies
10. 4:29 Knock Knock
11. 3:40 By Your Side
12. 4:57 Heaven’s Overrated
13. 4:16 Sara’s Got a Sunbeam
21. 6:45 Tall Grass Remix

Tracks 14 through 20 are blank, 4 seconds each.

Download TOC


1. 4:01 Tall Grass
2. 4:30 If I Could
3. 4:00 Love Police
4. 3:31 Knock Knock
5. 3:12 By Your Side
6. 5:02 What If

Download TOC

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