Climate tech links

A collection of links and resources for climate tech and the climate crisis, compiled in 2020. Also see New job, hello climate tech, The year is 2040, and Climate tech conversations.


  •, probably the oldest Bay Area tech community for climate
  • My Climate Journey, best climate tech community I’ve found so far, tons of heavy hitters. also a podcast and angel fund
  • New Energy Nexus, energy specific, also has an accelerator and fund(s)
  • Work on Climate, nascent but pretty good, started by ex Googlers. They have a ton of other irons in the fire, ClimateCTO and Climate Fellows and running the climate track at an ML conference, they may be spread a bit thin.
  • Witnesses of Climatology quirky but great people. Ex Googlers Malcolm Blaney and Olya Irzak are here, among others.
  •, pretty rigorous online class for climate science, policy, tech, etc foundations.
  • Climate Draft, individually focused incubator for tech industry veterans looking to jump into climate tech. I’ve participated on a number of its events, eg this one for engineers.

Media, newsletters, podcasts:


Funds and accelerators, way too many to list! Here are a few:


Notable orgs:


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