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I recently played the game Beyond Good & Evil, and I loved every minute of it. However, it has a bug that prevents inverting the mouse input, in both “look” and “camera” modes.

I’m very used to inverting the mouse in games, so I looked for a fix. Anything that can invert mouse input on the y axis, and works with DirectInput would work. After a lot of work, including posts to many forums, and even a Google Answers question, I found a few solutions.


Moritz Franckenstein has written a shareware mouse driver that inverts the y axis. Thanks, Moritz!

Otherwise, if you have Logitech MouseWare, and you’re comfortable editing the registry, try Ashley Ings’ instructions, originally posted on the Logitech forums. It works with both Logitech and non-Logitech mice.


Before Moritz contacted me, I’d done a fair amount of research on this. When I got to the point where I needed to write a Windows device driver, I called it quits. That was a too much of a time investment, even for me. :P

I knew I needed either a setting or registry entry in Windows XP (or DirectX) that controls mouse orientation per-axis, or a program that runs in the background and inverts the mouse input (per-axis).

I first looked through the windows mouse control panel, the registry, etc., and didn’t found anything.

I tried installing Logitech’s MouseWare and Advanced Settings Utility, which lets you change the mouse’s orientation, and has effect in DirectInput-based apps (close!), but doesn’t let you change it per-axis. I also tried Kensington MouseWorks, but I don’t have a Kensington mouse, so I couldn’t use it.

I tried a number of utilities that let you drive the mouse pointer with a joystick, and can control the orientation of each axis independently…but the ones I tried don’t have any effect when you use the mouse itself.

Finally, I wrote a script for AutoHotKey, a pretty sophisticated program that lets you script and remap mouse, keyboard, and joystick input. It inverts the mouse per-axis successfully, but doesn’t affect DirectInput apps.

3 thoughts on “invert mouse in Beyond Good and Evil

  1. Sakasa Mouse works only in windows, when you start game mouse is not invertes, as for drivers you can’t install them on windows x64. Anyone have another idea ?

  2. i just tried the HD remake on xbox 360, and nine years later, it still has the exact same problem! what’s worse, it’s on a console, so you can’t use hacks like the ones described above to fix it. argh!

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