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It’s that time of year again! No, not awards season…Bridgy stats time!

Looking at the graphs, the elephant in the room is clearly the Facebook shutdown. It was Bridgy’s second largest silo, numbering 1477 users when we were forced to disable it on August 1. Bittersweet.

On the plus side, I rearchitected in March and moved polling to a separate background service, which helped App Engine’s scheduler handle our workload much better. We now consistently run on one backend instance and one frontend instance, which brings costs down from $70-100/month to a very predictable $35-40. Winning!

Let’s go to the numbers. Since launch in December 2013: 3793 users, 1.22M webmentions sent successfully to almost 2000 unique domains, 12.8M responses handled (likes, comments etc), 42K POSSEs published, total cost back down to ~$.01/user/month (from ~$.02 a year ago).

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  1. Updated through mid June 2019 for State of the IndieWeb at Summit 2019. Graphs below. The one big noticeable event since Jan was the Google+ shutdown on 2019-03-07.

    For fun, we can use this to estimate the total number of webmentions sent in the wild to date. We previously estimated that we hit 1M somewhere around 2017-12-27, at a rate of ~929 new webmentions per day. At that time, ~95% of all webmentions had come from Bridgy, 880 per day.

    Since then, Bridgy lost Facebook and Google+, which accounted for ~53% of its webmention volume. We know it’s sent 1,356,878 webmentions total as of today. If we assume non-Bridgy webmention growth has continued apace, from 48 per day at the end of 2017 to 77 per day now, that would add ~53k before then, plus ~33K since, for a total of ~1.44M sent to date, plus or minus a few thousand. Let’s keep it up!


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